a Sustainable source of Protein

Karoo Catch is a community based empowerment and food security company. We produce nutritious fish based products for everyday consumption that are easy to prepare.




  • Transformation in ownership
  • Knowledge
  • Self esteem and respect
  • Work ethic and social skills

Food Security – an affordable protein

Economically sustainable


For low-income communities in SA preserved fish has historically provided a source of affordable protein and micronutrients to supplement staples such as maize. The restrictions enforced, due to depletion of wild caught fish, have thus negatively impacted millions of households who rely on fish for food security.  In addition, the arid rural areas of South Africa are sparsely populated and poverty is endemic in small towns whose fragile economies are characterised by lack of exposure to skills development opportunities and shortage of suitable employment options. 

The production of alternate sources of fish thus presents a viable and market-driven business opportunity which will go a long way to addressing food security, both in terms of access to food and the money to buy food of the required quality and quantity.

Our vision is to expedite local historically disadvantaged individual (HDI) access to, and enable effective participation in, this market-driven business opportunity; and thereby ensure the enhancement of an inclusive local economy in which there is expanded opportunity for more broadly shared prosperity.