Keeping kids healthy and happy is no longer a toss-up between price and taste

Getting your kids to eat well is more complex than it seems. Parents are concerned about nutrition and value for money. For kids, however, it all comes down to taste. This leaves parents frustrated, unable to find the prefect mix between, taste, nutrition and value. Yet, there’s an unlikely new solution to this problem.

Left to their own devices, most kids are unlikely to pay much attention to their nutritional needs. Sufficient protein would likely be the first casualty, as they give in to the desire for easy carbs like, bread or chips.

While views on nutrition vary wildly everyone agrees that protein plays a vital role. Simply put, protein in its varied forms provides the building blocks for the body – and is therefore especially important for children.

Making sure your children are getting enough ‘quality’ protein can be a tall order for parents. This tough situation is a consequence of two factors: price and quality on the one hand, and taste on the other.

The cost of a protein source determines its long-term feasibility for parents. For the budget conscious parent choice is limited.

Then there’s the issue of taste. Kids are notorious for being fussy-eaters. In the past many parents followed the do-as-you’re-told approach to parenting. “You’ll eat what’s in-front of you or you’ll go hungry”, was the catch-phrase. The extent to which such a parenting philosophy worked is debatable. Kids learned to hate certain foods, or worse, went hungry – and protein starved. The alternative of just giving in to the desires of your children’s taste buds can be equally dangerous.

Fortunately, when it comes to protein consumption, parents no longer need to suppress their kids’ natural desire for great tasting food. Nor do they need to break the bank to cater for it. Most Kids love fish fingers. With this in mind, Karoo Catch has introduced a range of fish-based sausage and burger products. These taste great, give your child all the omega 3 and protein they need to grow and they’re priced to be easy on your budget. It’s a win all round.

And like all great chefs we’ve got our own secret blend of herbs and spices – delivering to kids the perfect blend of sausages and burgers they just won’t be able to resist.

While we’ve created a specific kids range, parents can also enjoy the benefits of our product.  Our offering for moms and dads includes: beef-flavoured patties and sausages, and fish with lemon flavoured sausages. And because local is lekker there’s braai wors too.

We will also soon be launching our pets range. This will include biltong, droewors, meaty treats and pet mince.  Why? Because dogs also hurt the budget, but also need vital protein.

Karoo Catch is now available at selected Spars in the Eastern Cape.